One comment on “Sports agent Ralph Cindrich accuses Nick Saban of cheating; Starts Twitter war against Alabama fans

  1. this “attorney” is a joke…what kind of grown man with any real evidence against anyone spends his day name calling and tweeting hatred about BAMA…his twitter feed reads like a bad AU blog and its pretty obvious that he doesnt actually work for a living..i work for attorney’s and they have far too many important things to do with their day then sit around and tweet…he made the comment that “nick sabans” twitter only has 16 bc we all know Saban works to hard to sit around and tweet…this guy is acting like a pissy little teenager…its quite convenient that all his “info” is past the statute of limitations..if he had any real iNfo he would have produced it by now…this guy is a loser with a personal vindetta against BAMA…lol….ROOOOLLLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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